Wednesday, 7 November 2012

4 chapters deep


Its turned out that starting a contest that requires writing a fair bit while still getting your sleep pattern back in its regulation 9-5 workday pattern is a bit of a challenge. Who knew right? Since Monday getting any writing done due to how tired I've been on top of real life demands has been challenging. Yeah let's go with that. However while I'd usually come in from work and just watch TV shows, Movies or video games I have instead sat down and wrote. It hasn't been an easy transition but overall the experience has been fun.
What my initial idea had been is slowly warping into an actual story now and most of the main antagonists and protagonists have been set up. I do worry that I may not have fleshed out certain aspects of the back story but I feel that if I need to I can go back and write them up. At the same time it's still early enough for me to say that I can still pump more back story in before the full on adventure gets started. It's still in the early stages of the narrative and the adventure has not yet kicked off and probably won't for another few Chapters (or 10000 words) I'm OK with this I have to say as I think this will mean that the pacing isn't all over the place yet. I must stress the yet bit.
I just had a very brief conversation with one of the other writers that are taking part in this with me in relation to the topic of getting feedback at the earlier stages. I was of the opinion that my story had enough in it that I could send it around and see what people thought so far. Dave was of the opinion that this would result in one of two outcomes. Either A) The feedback is positive and I continue on writing as I have been doing or B) People tell me it's shit and I use it as an excuse to bail. As I've stated in earlier posts I really need to do anything I can to stack the deck in Positive Adam's favour otherwise I will duck out of this. As it stands from the initial group of 7 writers, 3 are definitely out, 2 are almost certainly out which just leaves myself and Dave. It maybe the benefit of living together that has meant we've been able to keep in other in check or the fact that it's fun to write together but as we're down to the last two I want to see this to completion.
I am really still enjoying it though.
Anyway the details
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 9255 (I'm slightly behind the proposed word count but I'm not really sticking to the daily limit anyway)


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