Monday, 5 November 2012


First,apologies for not getting a post up yesterday. This was entirely down to tiredness and no good could come of anything I typed. I managed to sit down for about an hour and in total I managed to put together 500 words. They were terrible terrible words. Mostly gibberish but thankfully there were a few little nuggets of plot that were good.
It's been interesting that the story has changed so much from my initial idea but I'm still really enjoying writing it. Hopefully I can keep it up as I'd like to actually finish it and I feel that's dependent on how much I like what I'm writing.
I'm having difficulty keeping it light hearted but I keep reminding myself that comedy isn't the theme I'm going for here so it doesn't matter if it's funny all the time. Its more a concern that people find it humorous or tense and the parts I want them to feel that. But over all so far so good. I've decided at the 10k mark I'm going to send it around for feedback  from a few people. Hopefully it's good but more importantly I hope it's honest. I may also put a few excerpts up here if people fancy a read.
Anyway it's late and I'm quite tired but just wanted to keep you all updated

Word Count: 7002


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