Saturday, 3 November 2012

The details


The first difficulty I had when deciding to take part in this challenge was which story I'd go with. Years ago I wanted to be a script writer and a director only to give up on that dream and to exchange it for some love of cold hard capitalism. I think this mostly stemmed from getting a 9-5 being the easier option but my love of thinking of stories never ended. When the idea was proposed of taking part in this competition I was in the process of thinking of three different stories. One would be fun to write, one was probably more commercially viable and one was just the glimmer of an idea. 
I slept on it and I've decided to go with the one that would be fun to write as I feel it's one I know the best and it should keep my interest long enough so I can finish it. Knowing how quickly evil pessimist Adam has quit things in the past I felt it best to stack the deck in optimistic Adam's favour.
I'm hoping to stick to the daily count of 2000 words but I'm aware that won't always be possible. For that reason I've accepted that there will be days where I will fall short but I'll try make them up on other days.
I'm also going to try to keep a blog on my efforts. At the bottom of each will hopefully be a word count on how many words I've done. The blog will more then likely be used by myself as a way of voicing my anger and problems as well as the fun I'll have writing this.
With that, here goes.


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