Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The bare necessities

Greetings all,

This post won't tell you much about the writing I'm doing at the moment but it will tell you about some of the pitfalls I've had to deal with when it comes down to actually getting some words done. Namely food.
For years I was a big fan of energy drinks like redbull and coke. I mean a big fan. At one point I was drinking between six and ten cans a day of the stuff but that was mostly in the more dramatic cases. This year however I managed to switch form coke to Coke Zero (it's not nicer I don't care what anyone says) as well as giving up energy drink almost completely. But then along came NanoWrimo. Unlike most people I don't get much if any caffeine kick from Tea and I hate the taste of coffee so I primarily get my fix from these drinks. As such I've fallen back on the energy drink waggon although far less then I was drinking before. Usually I can go without it however I've realised this week in  particular that I usually need it after my meals. I generally enjoy hearty meals with decent sized portions. I've cut bread virtually out of my diet entirely however apparently I forgot that fact during the week and each day I've lost about two hours each evening that I could have spent writing trying to crawl out of the food coma I've foolishly put myself in. It's just a pet peeve to be honest. It wasn't an issue last two weeks (when I got the bulk of my writing done) but that was namely down to the fact that my diet consisted of a chocolate bar and water as I was just craving enough sustenance to get me from day to day. That obviously had to stop this week as it wasn't very healthy. After this evenings coma and losing three hours of writing to a coma I thought about doing it again next week just to ensure I reach the final deadline. We'll see. In any case I'll just keep trying to get the words out. I also wish to give a shout out to my boy D-Money who has been working his ass off this evening and also to my boy Mick for finally getting in on the action.

Word Count: 35665
Days remaining: 9

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