Saturday, 17 November 2012

Today's sequel

Hello again,

This post is going to be relatively short as it's late and I'm tired. I had reached a difficult point earlier when the story had come to a stage where various groups were at the planning stage which would in turn lead them up to the final act of the book. I feel the story (not my writing) is going to kick up a notch shortly but I didn't want to hit that stage just yet as there was some tying together needed before that. As I mentioned in a previous post I know how the story is going to end but I needed a few pieces of plot to fall in to place for the different groups and I hadn't found a way to do it. I was also slightly worried that I wasn't going to hit the massive target I'd set of 30K over the weekend to leave me at a decent milestone as this hasn't been a great week for writing for me. Thankfully this evening I came up with a solution to both. I added something I hadn't considered to the world and it worked out well both in terms of the world and the story (in my opinion but what the hell do I know) which in turn led me to get back to my writing. Once done I realised I was far closer to the 30K mark then I thought I was going to get. So with a day remaining in the weekend I've tomorrow to get a reasonable word count to hit. This pleases me. In any case good night and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Word count: 28095


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