Saturday, 3 November 2012



Every year thousands if not millions of people sit down and try to sit down and write a novel as part of this whole write a novel thing. The idea of it is to write 2000 words approximately every day in order to get as close to the word count of a novel that one can. I, like  many others I imagine, have always thought I had interesting stories to tell and that this will be a breeze. Myself and a few friends have talked shit about how ours was going to be better then the others and that nobody else should bother. I think this was in the vain hope that we could all quit before we even started.This has not occurred however and I'm three days in without a word written.
I met with two of the group on Thursday the 1st and I brought up the idea of doing a blog for the duration of the competition. We were of the opinion that it would be a good forum to put up the problems that we may encounter,  a way of keeping people up to date and gloating (although this may be the use that I saw in it).
Traditionally I've not been great at completing things like this. Usually I begin with a flourish but I'm usually more then happy to let "real" life stuff get in the way of it until I eventually have to give up. This may happen this time or it may in fact be the first thing I finish. Who can say?


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