Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beyond the point of no return

Hello everyone,

So as I said in an earlier post I had set myself the target of 30k this weekend to bring me back to the point I wanted to be as part of my NanoWriMo endeavour. I was worried that I wasn't going to hit it as I wasn't sure I'd have either the time or the energy at certain points in the evenings. I had managed to get to 28k which while still a great amount to get done coming in to the week ahead I still wanted to get myself some breathing room and so I had aimed for 30k. After a fun day of watching movies and having fun with my family I returned to the apartment not sure where I was going to go next. As I mentioned last night I had added something that should help piece a few parts of the story together however I needed to begin that process and was kind of at a loss when I sat down. Thankfully I managed to figure how what I wanted to happen and I started typing. In the end it turned out to be one of the more fun bits of writing I've gotten to do and I got to flesh out some more characters that I quite like. Once finished I checked the word count and I've hit the 30k mark. The fact that I've written more of the book then I have left to write means I can see the end in site and I now just need to keep this momentum up. I've also made a conscious decision to walk away from it at this point as psychologically once I hit 30k my brain started to switch off. Apparently my brain is all up for letting me achieve my goals however it's not a big fan of letting me exceed them. It must have made a deal with me that I wasn't aware of that it would let me hit my count but then it was going to bed. But regardless of what how my brain is feeling I'm happy with the end to this week's writing. The story is coming along well. There are some characters I quite like and have enjoyed fleshing out more and I now know where the story is going  and how I'd like it to end.

Chapters: 13
Word count: 30592


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