Monday, 19 November 2012

Chapter fourteen

Greetings one and all,

Once again I made the mistake of having too much to eat and entering a terrible food coma that made getting any work done this evening almost impossible. However after a power nap (Take that Mick) I was able to finally sit down and get cracking on some words for NanoWrimo. I didn't particularly enjoy writing this section as it was a bit of an information dump for the characters (and by extension any possible readers I may coerce in to reading the completed text) but I'm not entirely sure it was A) Necessary or B) well written. I've realised that there are particular bits of dialogue I really enjoy writing however there are other bits I don't. I'm a fan of narrating some smack talk between two groups about to go to war or else a long narration on past events that can be quite interesting. This evening I pretty much had to write the whole "You need to do this to survive" conversation for our protagonists. It felt a bit crap if I'm honest and I'm not sure I like a lot of the dialogue around it. But we'll see.
I did find that throughout this book I've used the protagonist to ask the questions I feel the reader might want to know the answer to. Like why the hell would this guy to X instead of the obvious Y? Its been fun and hopefully the explanations I give are solid and not just a means to an end but again that's not something I get to decide. In any case here are the details of the progress so far.

Chapters 14
Word Count: 32,413


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