Monday, 12 November 2012

Chapter 8


So I spent today mostly playing catch up. Based on the rules of the day I should be on roughly 20k today but that isn't happening. Thankfully however I managed to complete a massive chunk and if tomorrow goes as well as today did I should surpass the target by tomorrow evening. He says optimistically.
Anyway, on to writing observations. Today I had an epiphany as to what the theme of my book is. At least I think it's a theme. I feel what I've written so far is about escape and redemption at least I think it is. It's possible there is a better word to describe it but as to what that word is I have no idea. It was nice to finally come across the theme as I hadn't tried to do it consciously. The characters motivations and back story along with how the story is progressing just naturally led to it.
My boy Dave has always advised that a story, be it in script format, comic, video game should have a theme so hopefully he can clarify this.
In any case I continue to kick up the word count and stumble towards the deadline.

Chapters 8
Word Count:16,777


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