Sunday, 11 November 2012

Our story so far

Greetings one and all,

I had intended to be well ahead of target as of this evening however this has not happened. Due to a bout of procrastination as well as spending a few great days with the better half I finally back around to sitting down and playing the wonderful game of catch up. I made a fair bit of progress this evening so I'm quite happy with where I'm at and all though far behind where I should be I'm confident I should be back up where everyone else is in a night or two.
I did hit one of what seems to be a common enough hurdle for most people in the same situation which is that at a 10k words you feel that the story could reach it's logical conclusion quite quickly. However, in my case at least, this was as a result of me ignoring the fact that I hadn't put in much of what still needs to go in. I've introduced my villain and he's pretty good in my opinion. Coming up with who the "big bad" was fun because I had no idea what judgement calls I would make on him until I was writing. Now after writing his back story and his motivations up as part of the narrative I quite like him. Hopefully he fits. I also got to look up some information on criminal organisations as part of the research which was cool.
I'm now past the 10k mark and myself and my intrepid sidekick Dave continue on in to the unknown.

Chapters: 6
Word Count: 12,124


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