Saturday, 17 November 2012

Post one of two

Greetings one and all,

After a day of procrastinating I managed to get another big chunk of the story done. I started by getting a haircut and a shave. Then on to uploading  photo's to a social networking site showing the results of said haircut. However despite all this I still managed to accomplish a few things.
1) I managed to work out how the story is going to end. Obviously I had a number of ideas running around my head as the story unfolded but now, bar the details, I know how its going to end.
2) I also managed to get over the half way point. I was worried I was starting to fall to hard behind in the competition. I had planned to finish the story regardless however I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the deadline was closing in on me. However due to how much I got done and how much I hope to do later this evening I should be beyond the expected word count with enough change so I don't have to worry if I miss a day or two in the coming week. It also means I may in fact it the 30k mark which was something I'd hoped to accomplish over the weekend.

In any case as the title of the post suggests this is the first of two posts hopefully today but for now I shall leave you with the details.

Word count: 26554


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