Saturday, 24 November 2012

So very very tired.


Well today was both good and bad. I started today with a blog post talking about how I hoped to hit the 45k mark this weekend. I had a nice long day ahead of me and in truth it shouldn't have proven that difficult. I had some things to take care of this afternoon but I had factored those in. I had some dinner and then I made the foolish mistake of having a one hour nap which turned in to five hours. Five hours of writing down the toilet. Such is life.
So I started a lot later and gave myself a lot less time. The fact that I wasn't tired however did allow me to get more done this evening then I possibly would have but we'll never know. In any case I managed to get over half way to my goal for the weekend. I'm also enjoying the fact that my book is reaching it's climax. Hopefully its as satisfying read as it has been to write. I'll get my final chance to hit my weekend target tomorrow evening however the window of time shall be much smaller. Hopefully I'll hit it.
In any case below are the details.

Word Count: 40,176
Target Count:45,000


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